We welcome you to our Massage Parlor in Manesar.

Our Luxury Spa is at Sec 1 Market, Manesar, next to Savoy Suites hotel. Our Spa & Massage Parlor is a High-End posh and Luxurious spa in South Gurgaon with a wide variety of complete body & skin treatments in a highly hygienic environment & a tranquil ambiance. 

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Let us release you from all stress, pain & feelings you rejuvenate, refresh & recharge from time to time. We are a luxurious spa in South Gurgaon (Manesar) offering a wide variety of complete body treatments, with quality products in a highly hygienic environment.

We are coming up with a luxurious high-end salon & massage parlor in Amrapali Corporate Hub, near Ginger Manesar. 

Why are we different?

All therapies/treatment techniques are customized according to urban lifestyle with a large variety of services per your requirements.

We always try to maintain the best level of quality assurance, to feel you luxurious & relaxed anytime.

For people looking for the best Body Massage Center in Manesar, we present a chain of Body Massage Centers all over Gurgaon.  Type “Massage Parlor near me” on Google, and you will find our nearest Body massage Parlor location.

Body Massage Center

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Packages & Services

Thai Massage Therapy
If you’ve been jonesing for a change from your traditional Swedish massage, or you are particularly stiff or sore due to exercise or arthritis, Thai massage may be just what you’re looking for relief. Unlike most massage modalities that utilize massage oils and require you to disrobe and climb under a sheet on a massage table, Thai massage is performed with a whole cloth, usually on a padded mat on the floor. read more
60 Minutes @ Rs 1000 / 90 Minutes @ Rs 1500
Hot Oil Massage
We will give you the ultimate peace of mind and relaxation to the whole body with oil massage services. Oil has the properties to heal, unwind, and fortify the body and safe framework and is the ideal relaxing method for the entire body. There are various sorts of oils utilized for massaging the body. It has been speaking for thousands of years, and it’s anything but another approach to remaining healthy. read more
60 Minutes @ Rs 1000 / 90 Minutes @ Rs 1500
Ayurvedic Massage
We are an authentic Ayurvedic Massage center that offers effective Massage treatments for back pain with the supervision of highly qualified therapists. Abhyanga is a unique form of massage submitted at Ayurnava that provides excellent benefits to the mind, body, skin, and immune system. This ayurvedic massage can relax and softens tissues and muscles. Therefore, ayurvedic massage can also be called Abhyanga. read more
60 Minutes @ Rs 1000 / 90 Minutes @ Rs 1500
Full Body Massage
Book a session of Full Body Massage therapy in IMT Manesar. Nowadays, massage is a top-rated healthcare service that explores not only India but all over the world. Today most people want some luxurious, healthy treatment that promotes inner beauty. Our Spa in Manesar provides you the top-class body massage services. read more
60 Minutes @ Rs 1000 / 90 Minutes @ Rs 1500
Aroma Therapy Massage
Our primary emphasis remains on assisting you to connect with your pristine self through emotional and physical revitalizing.
An aromatherapy massage is used for various reasons, including relaxation, pain management, and improved mood. These are also some of the primary benefits of massage therapy. Adding essential oils is thought to enhance such benefits. read more
60 Minutes @ Rs 1000 / 90 Minutes @ Rs 1500
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage therapy targets deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. This intense and highly beneficial massage is recommended for chronically tense areas such as stiff necks, sore shoulders, and low back tightness.
Deep tissue massage offers both physical and psychological benefits. Unlike other massage techniques that focus on relaxation, deep tissue massage helps treat muscle pain and improve stiffness. But it can still help you unwind mentally, too. read more
60 Minutes @ Rs 1000 / 90 Minutes @ Rs 1500
Balinese Massage
Balinese massage is an excellent treatment to choose if you want to experience a variety of massage techniques, need some help to relax, or if you’re feeling a bit low. A relaxation massage with attitude, this treatment will help you feel calm, but it will boost your circulation and target knotted tissue to address physical issues.
Some essential oils suitable for this type of massage are scarce and can only be found in Bali, or more generally Indonesia, such as the frangipani essential oil – known for its mood-boosting properties. read more
60 Minutes @ Rs 1000 / 90 Minutes @ Rs 1500

We Provide: We are offering the best massage services in Manesar, Gurgaon for our customers. Due to our best service, we become so much more popular and demanding in a short period. At this time, so many different types of massage are offered for customers as per their interests.

We are concerned about customer relaxation and satisfaction—our services are as per the demand and requirement of customers.

  • Full Body to Body Massage – Full Body to Body Massage in Manesar, by Female to Male. Its facilitated stroke matches the natural flow of blood from the body to the center and stimulates the body’s vascular system. Full Body Massage will turn out multiple edges for your health.
  • Tantric massage in Manesar – Tantric massage helps you better come to know yourself or your partner.
  • Erotic massage in Manesar – Erotic massage or sensuous massage uses massage techniques to achieve or enhance sexual arousal. Massages have been used for medical purposes for a very long time, and their use for erotic purposes also has a long history.
  • Nuru Massage in Manesar – Nuru is an erotic massage technique in which one or more masseuses rub their bodies against the clients’ bodies after both parties are nude and covered with odorless and tasteless massage oil.

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Note: we are not in sex massage, nude massage, Nuru massage & other types of sexual massage services. So please don’t call and ask us for these types of massage services.  There are so many different massage parlors in Manesar areas where you can do sex in the name of Massage. Thanks.


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